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Published by Stevland Ambrose from Nelson BC, Canada, this site has been a computer enthusiast's haven since January 2003.

Stevland Ambrose

Stevland was born in Toronto and came of age at a time when it took 15 minutes to load Space Invaders from a tape drive. He used to dream of a giant super-computer that could spit out libraries of information on any query that you fed it.

He didn't foresee that his dream would be realized with millions of little computers networked together—"The Internet"—or that the Internet would be the hub of his career.

Stevland moved to Nelson 14 years ago. Presently, he runs a computer company that offers a variety of services including computer sales, support, networking and web publishing. In his spare time he plays guitar, volunteers for KICS, and publishes an online journal about, ahem, computers.

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